Replica Interactive UK tax discs

Interactive Replica Tax Discs provides authentic replica tax discs dating from 1961 to 2030 (and one special one for Electric Cars) which contain a QR Code which can be set to go to a website of your choice when someone scans the QR Code.

The QR code is embedded in the reproduction tax disc and can be scanned automatically through the standard camera app of most mobile phones.
Watch the video to find out how it works:

When you request discs from us we'll e-mail you a PDF document containing two traditional versions of your tax disc plus 2 interactive discs in original and plus 50% sizes.
If you're selling a car use your disc as a silent sales tool and specify a selling price and we'll include a disc displaying the selling price.
Have a look at the sample Disc PDF and if you'd like one then press the Get your Replica Tax Discs button below.

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